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Thermal Inspections

We offer drone-based thermal inspections tailored for solar farms, pinpointing issues such as heated cells, substring open loops, and short-circuited modules. These high-definition heat images also serve factories, buildings, and other industries. With our drones, we provide a safe, swift, and affordable inspection solution across diverse sectors.

Benefits of
Thermal Inspections with...

Baseline scans along with periodic inspections tailored to your needs provide assurances that your solar assets perform optimally. Heated cells, short circuited modules, substring open loops are easily identified. We capture the data and work with companies such as Raptor Maps & Scopito to provide our clients with the platforms that enable them to make informed and quick decisions.

Our gear and expertise bolster night vision capabilities, catering to a spectrum of emergency response activities. From search and rescue missions and firefighting to damage evaluation and hazard identification, we empower emergency management teams to operate more effectively and safely.

Precision Thermal heat maps help our clients keep track of changes throughout time. Interlacing these with one another can showcase problem areas as they grow slowly.

Thermal drones improve building inspections by accessing challenging areas and identifying issues like water leaks and insulation gaps. They help in pinpointing heat loss, making inspections quicker and providing detailed thermal data. This approach enhances safety and can be cost-effective by preventing extensive repairs down the line.

Drones can inspect industrial machinery, such as manufacturing equipment or chemical processing plants, to identify overheating components, friction issues, or other mechanical problems.

Key deliverables:

  • Radiometric JPG/TIFF files
  • Thermal pallet video files with side by side non-thermal video
  • AI analysis tools
  • 2D thermal heat maps with before/after
  • Radiometric Photography with before/after
  • Detailed inspection reports with analysis

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