Plus15 Media


Our comprehensive range of cutting-edge services caters to the burgeoning demand for aerial imaging and data collection solutions across diverse industries.

Supervise, inspect, and document the progress and quality of construction projects from an aerial perspective. We provide project teams with bird’s-eye view video and still images, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as ensuring.

Inspect and monitor locations and assets from a distance in real time, removing the need for physical presence..

Capture high-resolution data, creating detailed maps and models for industries like construction, agriculture, and mining while enabling professionals to monitor projects, analyze topography, and enhance decision-making across various sectors.

We offer drone-based thermal inspections tailored for solar farms, pinpointing issues such as heated cells, substring open loops, and short-circuited modules.

Professional video and photo content for businesses and organizations, capturing events, products, services, and messages to effectively communicate with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Capturing stunning visual sequences from elevated perspectives using drones. This adds dynamic depth to storytelling, offering captivating views and immersive experiences that ground-level shots cannot achieve.

Immersive content from the ground or the sky that replicates the sensation of being physically present, offering a dynamic and interactive platform for education, real estate, tourism, and numerous other domains where a deep, remote understanding of a locale is invaluable.